Ask Amy: Why are these women for a dating website if they don’t desire to date?

Ask Amy: Why are these women for a dating website if they don’t desire to date?

Plus: I’m 15 yrs old and we don’t desire to live with my mother anymore.

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DEAR AMY: I’m 64 and possess been a widower for more than 5 years. We began dating about three years back.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)

I have met ladies through an action We be involved in, then a dating site related to that particular task, through business after-hour events, local rate dating, and get-togethers. I’ve also spent numerous months gladly on personal, because dating is a task, and I’m more content now being solitary. But, after a few brief relationships, i might again like companionship.

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Not long ago I set up a profile with Facebook on the brand new dating application. You can “like” somebody and when they as you straight back, or the other way around, you can easily talk.

Following a line or two forward and backward, I ask should they are interested in getting together to see if you have significantly more than an attraction that is online.

Twice it has happened, with no reaction. a third girl was planning to satisfy, however had a death when you look at the household along with to cancel.

Am we asking too early? Should not both events be looking forward to a meeting that is in-person?

Is not that your whole point of the dating internet site, to really date?

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