IELTS composing task 2 / Advantage Disadvantage Essay Sample Answer

IELTS composing task 2 / Advantage Disadvantage Essay Sample Answer

IELTS Advantage Disadvantage Essay Question

the growth of tourism contributed to English becoming probably the most prominent language in the entire world. Many people think this can result in English becoming the language that is only be talked globally.
Exactly what are the pros and cons to presenting one language on earth?

IELTS Advantage Drawback Model Essay Answer

It really is thought by many people that English, which will be now probably the most commonly talked language in the field, may one time predominate over other languages and bring about their ultimate disappearance. Having one language would likely assist understanding and financial development but there will additionally be some disadvantages.

One benefit that is evident having one worldwide language is the fact that it can allow greater understanding between nations. The flow of information and ideas in other words, if everyone spoke one language, there would be complete understanding between not only countries but all people throughout the world which would promote learning.
Another reason why one language could be beneficial is the fact that it could assist financial development. Along with individuals talking the language that is same you will see less barriers therefore trade would thrive between nations, leading to a healthy globe economy.

Having said that, you can find apparent drawbacks to using only 1 worldwide language.
Firstly, it might imply that all the other languages would disappear and, eventually along side them, their cultures. The variety of countries is just one of the joys this global globe provides. Each culture is exclusive using its very own way of living and very own views around the globe which would all be lost if there have been just one language.

Secondly, it could end in the collapse of tourism because there could be no reason at all to visit for pleasure and interest if all nations had the exact same language and comparable countries. Lire la suite