Libya’s ‘Like Revolution’: Muslim Dating Website Seeds Protest

Libya’s ‘Like Revolution’: Muslim Dating Website Seeds Protest

Opposition uses dating site Madawi to prepare protests.

Whenever Omar Shibliy Mahmoudi exchanged sweet nothings from the Muslim dating internet site Mawada, it absolutely wasn’t for love but also for freedom.

The leader of the Ekhtalef (« Difference ») Movement, used what’s considered the of the Middle East to send coded love letters to rally the revolution to avoid detection by Libyan secret police, who monitor Facebook and Twitter, Mahmoudi.

It was « for the freedom, maybe not when it comes to marriage, » he told ABC Information.

The Libyan businessman switched opposition frontrunner said he was never ever politically active before, but he knew he needed to act as he watched revolutions topple governments in neighboring countries.

Therefore a Mawada was created by him profile called « Where Is Miriam? » and pretended to be from the look for a spouse.

The conservative website doesn’t enable guys to keep in touch with other males, therefore other revolutionaries posed as ladies to make contact with him, assuming aliases like « Sweet Butterfly, » « Opener for the hill, » « Girl of this Desert » and « Melody of Torture. »

To perform their pages, they responded the web site’s boilerplate questions, such as for example « Exactly how much of your face would you cover? » and « Would a provided marriage be acceptable? »

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